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What is R&D Credit? R&D tax scheme was
initiated by the UK
government, for the
businesses contributing
in innovation.
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Why should you Claim it?

R&D claim can worth more than your expectations, it can add a lot of value to your business and by not claiming it you are missing out a lot.
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Our accountant partner programme ensures that you and your client get everything you need.
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Are you Worried about your R&D Tax?We are here, just relax!

If you are stuck with questions like “Does our project qualify for an R&D credit claim?” or “Does the R&D claim worth it?”, then this is the place to get easy solutions to all your concerns.

Here at Square-Finance, our team of R&D tax specialists does it for you. Initially looking at the eligibility criteria for the R&D claim, it may seem that your business does not fit in. However, this is not true, and that’s where we step in to help you. We first identify how the project can qualify for the R&D claim and then we help the businesses claim their R and D tax credit.

In the period of 2018-2019, the count of claims is 59,265, which is worth £5.3bn.

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Why us?

We work to help you grow.

R and D tax claim inculcates different steps and R&D tax specialists in our team do that for you, so you can get through this process effortlessly. Our R&D tax specialists very proficiently help your business meet the criteria for the R&D claim and then adroitly claim it on your behalf.

We value your money

We ensure that you receive all the amount you deserve. Our team will guide you with the key steps for R&D claim and check all the technicalities in your project for the claim.

Experience is the key

R&D tax specialists in our team have in-depth understanding, experience, and proficiency to carefully present the claim for your business. We being R&D tax specialists in UK, are also experts in defending claims in HMRC inquires.


R&d Tax Relief- SME R&D tax credit Scheme

R&D Tax Relief - RDEC Scheme

Accountant Partnership

R&d Tax Relief- SME R&D tax credit Scheme

Designed to help smaller businesses with less than 500 staff and a balance sheet less than £86 million.

R&D Tax Relief - RDEC Scheme

Research and Development Expenditure Credit (RDEC) which is 13% of your Research and Development expenditures since 2020, can be claimed by the larger companies that exceed the limits of SME,

Accountant Partnership

Our accountant partner programme ensures that you and your client get everything you need.

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