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R&D Tax Credit Claims

Are you Worried about your R&D Tax? We are here, just relax!

If you are stuck with questions like “Does our project qualify for an R&D credit claim?” or “Does the R&D claim worth it?”, then this is the place to get easy solutions to all your concerns.

Our experience tells us that many businesses miss out on valuable R&D tax credits because they fail to realise that they meet the eligibility criteria for the claim. R&D tax credits are available for any company that is undertaking research and development to seek advancement in technology or contributing to innovation by resolving technological uncertainties. Square Finance helps you by spotting hidden opportunities and values in your business. We are here to assist you in gaining access to R&D tax credits and tax reduction with our world-class team of R&D tax specialists.
In the period of 2018-20121, the count of claims is 16,235,985 , which is worth £5.3bn.
We value your efforts!

Ready to claim?

If you are claiming for the first time, we are here to do it for you in the best possible way. Our R&D tax credits specialists can understand your complex technical projects, and we will first try to know your business and the goals you are trying to achieve. And then, we will assess your eligibility and guide you throughout the claim possess, ensuring you get maximum incentives for your efforts.
minimise the risk!

Already Claiming?

Many businesses miss out on benefits while claiming for R&D tax credits, and your claim might also be missing claimable hidden costs. You can maximise your claim with our team of R&D tax credits experts who know how to unearth hidden qualifying costs which can boost your claim. Our R&D tax credit specialists can also save you from the risk of HMRC’s enquiry by creating a fully compliant R&D claim.
defend your claim

HMRC Enquiry Support

Have you received an enquiry from HMRC for your claim? HMRC’s enquiry seems daunting and complex indeed and, are very costly and time-consuming. Our R&D tax credit experts have experience of adeptly dealing with HMRC’s enquiries. We provide you with realistic advice and defend the R&D claim on your behalf to ensure your claim is protected with no deduction or penalty.
Why us?

We work to help you grow.

R and D tax claim inculcates different steps and R&D tax specialists in our team do that for you, so you can get through this process effortlessly. Our R&D tax specialists very proficiently help your business meet the criteria for the R&D claim and then adroitly claim it on your behalf.

No upfront Fee

We only charge when you successfully claim.

Robust Claim

With our experience and proficiency, we tailor optimised and robust claims

Streamlined & Fast Process

We do 90% of the work, and with our streamlined process, you will receive R&D incentives within a few days.

100% success rate

With our experienced and proficient team, we have maintained a 100% success rate.

We value your money

We ensure that you receive all the amount you deserve. Our team will guide you with the key steps for R&D claim and check all the technicalities in your project for the claim.

Experience is the key

R&D tax specialists in our team have in-depth understanding, experience, and proficiency to carefully present the claim for your business. We being R&D tax specialists in UK, are also experts in defending claims in HMRC inquires.

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