By victoria Taylor

R and D Tax Relief for Information & Communication Technology Sector

The information and communication industry is all about keeping everyone worldwide connected, which is achieved through constant scientific and technological advancements. The information and communication sector is very innovative as we have seen it play a very significant part during a pandemic; shifting all the business and education processes online wasn’t easy, but with the […]

By victoria Taylor

What Qualifies for R&D Credit within Architecture Sector?

Architecture is all about innovation and development, which encompass experimenting with techniques and technology. As architecture sector thrives on research and development, it inculcates various activities which qualify for R&D credit claims. Every time Architects create something, its development goes through multiple processes of experimentation with technology while overcoming many challenges to create what is […]

By victoria Taylor

Why Should Construction Sector Claim HMRC Research and Development Incentives?

HMRC research and development incentives are valuable rewards for companies, but only a small amount of construction companies are taking advantage of these incentives. The construction sector is not only about innovative design, it also plays a huge part in engineering and technological advances. What are HMRC Research and Development Incentives?  UK government values this […]

By victoria Taylor

Why Are R&D Claims Subjected to R&D Tax Credits Enquiry?

Innovation is a crucial part of the UK economy, and the UK government recognises this, therefore, provides lucrative incentives to businesses seeking advancement in science or technology. Innovation involves lots of risk-taking and costly experiments, and government reward these businesses with R&D tax relief or cash credits on qualifying R&D expenditure. In addition, R&D tax […]

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