By victoria Taylor

Accelerating Innovation: R&D Tax Credits for AI and Robotics

In today’s world, AI and robotics are revolutionising every industry, playing a crucial role in advancing various aspects of design and development processes. With advancements in AI and robotics, computers can not only imitate human capabilities but go beyond human expertise, effectively analysing and contextualising large datasets and creating automatic outputs. By managing such complex […]

By victoria Taylor

R&D Tax Credits For Innovation In Healthcare Industry

The R&D tax credits scheme aims to encourage commercial research and development conducted by private companies in various fields, including medicine, biotechnology, computer science, information technology, finance, law, and business. In return for investment in the innovation for bringing improvement in the fields of science and technology, companies get the highly profitable reward as cash […]

By victoria Taylor

What Qualifies for R&D Credit within Architecture Sector?

Architecture is all about innovation and development, which encompass experimenting with techniques and technology. As architecture sector thrives on research and development, it inculcates various activities which qualify for R&D credit claims. Every time Architects create something, its development goes through multiple processes of experimentation with technology while overcoming many challenges to create what is […]

By victoria Taylor

Guidelines to Prepare Strong Technical Narrative for R and D Tax Credits Claim?

It’s your time to grow through digital marketing. Follow the steps and let your business bloom. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Dui dignissim netus pellentesque fringilla dignissim. Orci risus arcu vestibulum pharetra. Amet, varius pellentesque eu eu aliquam nibh rhoncus platea. Cursus leo habitasse nulla auctor pretium, mauris sed pharetra. Sed at […]

By victoria Taylor

What Are the Key Changes Expected in HMRC’s R and D Tax Credits in 2022?

The UK government has shifted focus towards research and development from the past few years due to its substantial contribution to the UK economy. To motivate businesses to advance research and development, the UK government initiated HMRC R and D tax credit scheme. The number of companies claiming HMRC R and D tax credits has […]

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