R&D Tax Credits


Create a positive cycle of investment

R&D Credit is an initiative by the UK government to support the businesses that are contributing to innovation. Such companies can either claim for tax reduction or for a tax refund. R and D tax claim is a valuable step towards the growth of the business.

Even if your project failed, you can still claim R&D credit up to 33% of your R and D costs.

SMEs both profitable and loss-making can get back up to 33% of the amount they’ve spent on R and D and larger companies can even get 10% of their R and D costs refunded.

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Steps To Claim R&D Tax Relief

We do the hard work so you don’t have to

We make arduous steps of R&D claim simple for you.             Your R and D Tax reward is just 6 steps away:

Background Check and Assessment

* Initially data is gathered regarding your company on a brief telephonic conversation.
* After the assessment, our team will track down ways in which your company can meet the eligibility criteria for an R&D claim.

R&D tax Credit Consultant

* Our R&D tax credit consultant will select the perfect scheme for the R and D tax claim.
* An outline of the claim, having details and step by step process of the R&D claim will be provided.
* The total worth of the R and D tax claim will be calculated.
* You can also freely discuss your concerns regarding R&D credit with our R&D tax credit consultant.

Draft Report

* Well-represented draft of the report for the R&D claim will be prepared by our R&D tax specialists, according to the information provided by you, maximizing the value of your claim.
* Your additional queries and concerns will be entertained by the consultant.


* We will send out the final R and D report for your review and confirmation to avoid misrepresentation, uncertainty, and falsity in the representation of your company.
* In this step, your company's present financial state will be determined and costs will be discussed.

Receive your R&D credit

* HMRC R&D claim takes around 4 – 6 weeks.
* You will receive a cheque from HMRC for any R&D expenditure that has been given in for R&D claim.


* After review your final report will be submitted for HMRC R&D claim with revised calculations.
* In case of any sort of query, we will consult you first before responding to HMRC.
Check you eligibility


Govt. R&D tax relief

In the year 2000, the UK government initiated R&D tax relief scheme to support and motivate innovation in the field of R and D.



Prove to HMRC that your tech was complex through submitting financial and technical info.